Claudia Giordano

Executive Committee & Presenter

A Biracial Deaf Woman with five years of experience as a National Deaf Education Conference coordinator and deaf educator. She is currently employed as an Associate Family Resources Coordinator for the Family Resources program at HSLC, which is part of Gallaudet University. She has a Master’s degree in Early Language Advocacy. Claudia grew up in a hearing family and had the privilege of communication access at home. She wants to ensure that all deaf children either from Deaf or Hearing families have the same privilege.

1:45 PM

Friday 21st July

Strategies for Uplifting Underrepresented Black & Brown Deaf Families

JSAC 1010


Abstract: This workshop will provide participants with strategies for uplifting deaf families that are underrepresented and multicultural. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that these families face and will learn practical tools for supporting their needs. Through a combination of presentations, group discussions, and interactive activities, participants will explore topics such as language access, cultural competence, community building, and targeted support.