Franly Ulerio-Nunez


I'm Afro-Latino, a biochemist, and an activist. My cultural leadership in the Latinx organization at the university. My cultural awareness education was cultivated with the support of my multi-intersectional groups throughout a series of small discussions. I am trained in Mental Health First Aid for Adults.

1:45 PM

Friday 21st July

The Cultural history of Taino and Caribs

Andrew Foster Auditorium


Abstract: European-centric American history curriculum for high school erases the existence of indigenous people in the Caribbean islands before the transatlantic slave trade. Taíno and Caribs history explores heritages, inventions, and language before Christopher Columbus. The cultural history of the Taíno tribes faces and resists violent racism caused by Columbus. It represents the complex relationship between Aboriginal, African, and European identities. The material evidence of the Taíno tribe is a critical connection to Christopher Columbus’s voyage. American history curriculum must incorporate the indigenous people of the Caribbean islands for accurate perspective and representation.