Fred Beam


Fred Michael Beam is the outreach coordinator for Rochester Institute of Technology/ National Technical Institute for the Deaf, theater troupe , Sunshine 2.0. He is an experienced actors for numerous productions. He is also an internationally acclaimed dancer, storyteller, comedian, ASL Director/consultant,artistic director and choreographer. He was also Executive Director of Invisible Hands, Inc.

8:15 AM

Friday 21st July

Contribution of "BlackDeaf" Performing Arts

Andrew Foster Auditorium


Abstract: This presentation, Contribution of “BlackDeaf” Performing Arts, will include the history of black deaf performing arts, black deaf performing artists and their accomplishments in theater . It is not just a portray of Deaf African American , but for all of us, because the issues of our identity, self-portrayal, culture and language are related to the experiences of an individual who has wondered about who they are and to every group who feels “ invisible” in the eyes of our country. This presentation will also present the”First” in the field of Black Deaf Performing Arts.