Mia Sanchez


Mia Sanchez is a Deaf Afro-Latina artist aka Mia La Bella. Hailed from NYC, Mia was raised by a multicultural and hearing family. She became a student leader, teacher, and now as an entrepreneur. Mia lives in Morocco and will establish an art cafe with community-based projects.

8:15 AM

Friday 21st July

The Art of Giving



Abstract: This workshop will share the health benefits and unique approaches of giving back to others;which can be proven effectively beside focusing too much on our own personal needs and wants. Also, there are Solution-Focused (SF) research studies that identify three different styles of interpersonal relationships as a giver, taker, and matcher. The audience will participate two different reciprocity exercises to analyze themselves and that stimulates the power of giving will help us succeed in different parts of our lives. Most importantly, the workshop will highlight the specific strategies how givers can protect themselves from exploitation or burnt out (becoming worst performers) and continue making a positive progress as better performers.