Neha Balachandran

NDPC Photographer

Neha Balachandran is a deaf South Asian Indian American photographer based in Washington, D.C. She was born and raised in Ohio and moved to D.C. for college. Neha has two master's degrees in Deaf Education and International Development. Her passion for photography stemmed from her two grandfathers, who were also into photography. Even though Neha grew up taking pictures of nature, her niche in editorial portraits developed during the pandemic in 2020. Neha's goal with her photography is to highlight and bring deaf+, BIPOC representation to the media. Growing up, she never saw people like her on tv, in movies, magazines, commercials, etc. That is why her value of inclusivity for deaf+ and people of color in her work is important. With this goal and value, she hopes to pave the way for other deaf+ photographers and deaf+ models in the media.