Niesha Washington-Shepard


Niesha Washington-Shepard is a proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a Creole Black, light-skinned, Deaf female who is active in the DC Area Black Deaf Advocates (DCABDA), Clerc Cultural Committee-GUAA, and Louisiana School for the Deaf Alumni Association (LSDAA). She is also a social justice activist and a motherly warrior in the Black Deaf community. She is an Ed.D. student researching leadership in higher education at Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri.

3:00 PM

Friday 21st July

Mindset Shift: Stagnate or Stretch Yourself

SAC 1011


Abstract: The abstract of the 45-minute session is to unite influential women in a shared quest for their interests by inspiring them through excellence and activism in the pursuit of justice and equity. In the session, Niesha will conduct an exercise using their skills to build confidence and self-worth. Thus, they can take the lead! At the end of the session, Niesha will also highlight numerous aspiring leaders who think differently and are changing the way we perceive the world today. The audience can ask questions regarding a foundation, a 20-minute activity, and other matters that help find the right resources.