Antines “NuNu” Davis


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I was originally enrolled at the William Baer School in Baltimore City, Maryland for a few years until ultimately attending the Maryland School for the Deaf-Columbia and Frederick Campuses respectively, graduating from the latter in 1985. In 1985, I joined the Model Secondary School for the Deaf’s Post Enrichment Program, attended Gallaudet University, and eventually North Central Bible University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I received a B.A. in Pastoral Studies.

10:00 AM

Friday 21st July

My Life Journey Changing from Social Media

JSAC 1011


Abstract: This presentation examines the impact of social media on personal growth and knowledge expansion. I will discuss the positive and negative transformations in my life due to social media and the challenges I have faced while analyzing and researching before posting content. We will explore how social media has improved our communication skills, relationships, and self-esteem while providing an opportunity to connect with diverse people worldwide. However, we acknowledge that social media can also cause feelings of comparison and inadequacy. I will discuss the importance of using social media mindfully and intentionally to maximize its benefits. I also describe how social media can be used to see different perspectives and broaden one's understanding of the world, including Black History. The presentation concludes that social media is a powerful tool for personal growth and expanding knowledge if used cautiously and intentionally.