Darrius Doe


I’m Darrius, a hard of hearing individual currently in Washington, D.C. I use American Sign Language natively and have been a member of the Deaf community all my life. As I navigate life, I encounter more questions than answers. However, growth and learning opportunities truly occur when listening to the story and experiences of others. With that, I make the inaccessible accessible; empower communities; and start conversations through engaging content and storytelling.

3:00 PM

Friday 21st July

Finding our Power: From Dismantling Systems to Instead Building Our Own

JSAC 1010


Abstract: "Finding our Power: From Dismantling Systems to Instead Building Our Own" is an inspiring 30-minute presentation that explores alternative approaches to empower marginalized communities. Traditionally, efforts for social change have focused on dismantling oppressive systems. However, this presentation challenges that paradigm by advocating for a shift towards building our own systems of power. By embracing self-empowerment, individuals and communities can reclaim agency and create structures that reflect their unique needs and values.


The presentation begins by acknowledging the harmful impact of oppressive systems on marginalized communities and the limitations of solely focusing on dismantling them. Instead, it encourages attendees to explore new perspectives and strategies that prioritize building their own systems. By shifting the narrative to one of self-empowerment, participants can recognize their inherent strengths and assets.


Through real-life case studies and practical examples, the presentation showcases successful initiatives where individuals and communities have built their own systems. It delves into collaborative approaches, community organizing, and the importance of education, skill-building, and resource-sharing in fostering self-empowerment.


"Finding our Power: From Dismantling Systems to Instead Building Our Own empowers attendees to break free from the constraints of oppressive systems and embark on a path of self-determination. It emphasizes the transformative potential of building alternative systems and encourages individuals to take action within their own communities. Through self-empowerment and collective efforts, participants can create a more equal and just society that reflects their values and meets their unique needs.